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Chongqing Royway Machinery Co.,Ltd.,located in Chongqing city in Southwest part of China,Chongqing city is traditional heavy industrial city in China,here there are complete industries of engines,automobiles,marine equipments,Motorcycle and Automobile Spare Parts and so on. Chongqing Royway Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of Machinery products, after many years development, already we have become a modernization factory that gather research and development, production and trading in a body. We have all kinds of machine-finishing equipments ,such as the machine tool, milling machine, grinding machine, drill press, scissors machine and plastic machines, ic bonding machines and so on, more than 70 sets , with more than 260 workers, more than 5 engineers.

Our company mainly manufactures and sells Diesel Engine, Air Cooled Diesel Engine,Water Cooled Diesel Engine,Marine Diesel Engine,Gasoline Engine,Generator,Diesel Generator,Water Pump,Gasoline Generator,Diesel Water Pump,Gasoline Water Pump,Insulating Oil Purifier, Turbine Oil Purifier, Lubricating Oil Purifier, Air Drying Device, Plate-Press Oil Purifier, Portable Oil Purifier, Coalescence & Separating Oil Purifier, Horizontal-closed Type Filtration Device, Oil Purifier Spare Parts, Vacuum pump system..........


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